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My vocation is my vacation
I’m so happy in what I do
The freeway is my runway
And I land in lot two
In the lobby everybody
Greets me just by nodding
If I can’t manage my baggage
Somebody’s right beside me

On this plane it’s insane
You can open window panes
We’ve got to oxygenate the brain
Whether sunshine whether rain
The seats can spin and roll
People switch from row to row
Meeting with new people
Talking about their goals

There’s writing all the walls
Even the bathroom stalls
If you have make up or markers
Security here won’t take them all
My room is nice and plush
With my own personal touch
I’ve got a view of the city
And my own coffee mug

Free wireless access
A gift-wrapped package
People having fun
In the halls I hear laughing
So many people I love here
All in one place
I don’t need a camera
Because I see them every day

From here I can’t escape
My thoughts are on the race
I can’t just carry on
Cause my work is in my veins
Sometimes I leave it on the plane
And wait for another day
But there’s a new carousel of items
Every hour I delay

Everyone’s a pilot
Of new projects and innovations
If our crew agrees
Then they take the navigation
See no one’s in control
We give thanks to Mother Nature
By understanding her laws
All our needs are catered

We rally as a team
In the event of emergencies
There’s no first class on this plane
We value energy equally
Every day is not a sequel
New adventures, stories, and people
Instead of watching seagulls fly
We’ve got to learn to fly like seagulls

When the storm and clouds settle
Hugs replace the hellos
An amusement park of family
Where nobody really gets old
I check in the morning
And I check out late at night
I’ve been on vacation everyday
Without even catching a flight


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