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research by Richard Boyatzis
Am I a self-directed learner?
Self-Directed Learning by Richard Boyatzi

1) Has the person engaged their passion and dreams? Can they describe the person they want to be, the life and work they want to have in the future? Can they describe their Ideal Self?
2) Does the person know himself or herself? Do they have a sense of their Real Self?
3) Can the person articulate both their strengths (those aspects he/she wants to preserve) and gaps or discrepancies between their Real and Ideal Selves (those aspects he/she wants to adapt or change)?
4) Has the person held their attention on both Strengths and Gaps— not letting one become the preoccupation?
5) Does the person have their own personal learning agenda? Is it really their own? Can the elements of the plan fit into the structure of their life and work? Do the actions fit with their learning style and flexibility?
6) Is the person experimenting and practicing new habits and actions? Is the person using their learning plan to learn more from their experiences?
7) Has the person found settings in which to experiment and practice in which he/she feels psychologically safe?
8) Is the person developing and utilizing his/her relationships as part of their learning process? Do they have coaches, mentors, friends, and others with whom they can discuss progress on their learning agenda? Do they have relationships with whom they can explore each their new behavior, habits, new Ideal Self, new Real Self, new strengths and gaps as the process unfolds?
9) Are they helping others engage in a self-directed learning process?

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