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Economics is founded on the underlying assumption that resources are scarce. The entire field is essentially about the distribution of scare resources. I’m uncertain that the law of scarcity applies to every resource or that it is the best way to live. Think about it. Of all people, the homeless man opted not to save the sandwich for later. His selflessness allowed us to feed someone else that may not have eaten that night. It is clear that he believes in the law of abundance and that he will eat tomorrow somehow.

How do people behave if they accept the law of scarcity?

* They store up as much as they can
* They share less and only give when they think that they will get something back or know they have way too much
* They fear losing what they have and try to protect it with locks and alarms

How do most animals that don’t believe in scarcity behave?

* They only take what they need
* They share more
* They have lots of faith
* They don’t claim ownership to anything

What do you believe is best?

Challenge: The next time you leave a restaurant with leftovers, offer it to the first homeless person you see instead of taking it home. Have faith that someone will feed you in the near future.


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