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How has the puzzle industry managed to survive in the midst of Play Station 3s + X-Boxes? Both forms of entertainment require problem solving, but puzzles tap into the visionary within us in that we are fully aware of what we are trying to build towards before the project begins.

Thus, Rule #1 of puzzle building: Look at the box

The process of putting together a puzzle requires patience, discipline, and focus. As we try to finding matching pieces, trial and error are the only way to succeed. Therefore, the best way to start is to identify your limits and just start with what you know.

Thus, Rule #2 of puzzle building: Build the border

Once the border is complete, there are gaps to fill. This is the most challenging part, yet the vision motivates you to continue. You trust that the manufacturer has included every piece that you need to succeed in the box. It's up to you to connect the pieces together, but the only way to make the links is to aggregate pieces that are alike.

Thus, Rule #3 of puzzle building: Group the pieces

It is difficult to just start connecting random pieces together; instead you begin with one section at a time. In order to establish continuity, we build on what we already know and connect sections to the existing border.

Thus, Rule #4 of puzzle building: Work from the outside in

Life is like puzzle building.

The box is like our vision; it gives us something to work toward.

The border is like our limits; it determines our skill sets and focuses our impact.

The groups are like our different developmental areas and supporting experiences that color our life (spiritual, physical, professional, etc); they help us recognize and appreciate our holistic self.

The work inwards is the process; it leads to knowledge of self.

Live purposefully!


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