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The purpose of potluck is to create a space for people to connect with one another and to heal and be fed physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are a random group of people who seek to come together to break bread in the name of love.


7:00pm - Mingle

7:30pm - Bless the food and eat

8:00pm - Storytelling: Each person gets 5 minutes to share:

1. Where am I in life?
2. Where do I want to go? and
3. What do I think I need to get there?

After each person shares, the group asks the person and itself

4. What can I/we do for you?

9:30pm - Information exchange

The next morning, an email goes out to all participants recapping the night with a contact list and action items attached

  1. Palo Alto, CA monthly | Email Kalonji for more info
  2. New York, NY monthly | Email Jullien for more info
  3. Cornell University | Just started!!!
  4. Your home!
What to bring:
  • your authentic self
  • a dish to contribute (for 4 people)
  • love
  • a smile, and
  • another person if you would like
Roles to volunteer for:
  • The Host: prepare the space, send out invites
  • The Greeter: usually the first person, greet people at the door
  • The Cleaners: stay after to help the host clean up
Watch the Spirit of Potluck Speech here

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  1. Didn't know you posted the potlucks on the blog!


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