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If failure didn't exist, many of our life choices would be different. In many cases, our own risk aversion has crippled us. Because of fear, we end up with a lot of "what ifs" and "shoulda, coulda, wouldas". Our careers are a big part of our lives, but our risk-preference may prevent us from choosing the most fulfilling career for us.

Job 1. What you can do:

“I can do that.” This is the type of job that we are “qualified” for according to our resumes. Since we know that we can do it already, this job brings very few challenges, and thus very little personal growth. It’s safe, with the biggest risk being the avoidance of our own dreams.

Job 2. What you will do:

“I don’t want to do it, but I will.” Willingness connotes a compromise between security and our true desires. If we were doing our “vocation”, or true calling, “vacations” would be less important because we would be living in our dream world every day. Sometimes we justify these types of jobs because of money, the challenge of something new, or social status.

Job 3. What you want to do:

“This is what I was born to do.” What you want do is a mixture of what you can do (because you’ve prepared for it), what you will do (without gritting your teeth), and you what you want to do. Oftentimes, what we want to do involves exercising the things that we are passionate about while simultaneously having a positive impact on others’ lives and the world. Doing what we want to do leads to more happiness, fulfillment, and productivity if our motivation is pure (not dependent on money or social status). Nonetheless, doing what we love often leads to money and social status because we naturally become the best at what we love most.

Questions to self:
• What if failure didn’t exist? Would I be doing what I’m doing?
• If what you want to do requires taking some jobs that you are willing to do or can do, how long are you willing to wait to do what you want to do?
• How are you preparing yourself today for the job that you want to do? What skills, relationships, knowledge, or experience do you need to succeed?

Live purposefully!

Inspired by: Daryn Dodson


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