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I speak to many young adults about purpose and many say that they believe that they have a purpose, but they don't know what it is. As I contemplated the reason why so many don't know, I came up with my own hypothesis.

In order to receive or hear our purpose (from within), the first question that we must ask ourselves is:

1. Will I fulfill my purpose no matter what it is?

To receive our purpose, we must first commit by saying yes to it. We have to say that we will answer the call no matter what it is. Everything that we've been given in the form of life experiences, knowledge, relationships, and strengths is exactly what we need to fulfill our purpose.

After you've said "Yes, I will fulfill my purpose no matter what it is because I know that only I can fulfill it and that is why I am here", we can move on to the second question:

2. Do you know what your purpose is?

The next thing to do is wait patiently until the path has been lit for you. By saying yes in our heart, mind, and soul, we will become more aware of the things we need to transform ourselves. Our heightened awareness will lead us to signpost that can direct our lives daily. We must trust that life will guide us to our innermost self.

Have you said yes yet?

Live purposefully!


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My purpose is to help as many people as possible reach their full potential by helping them making a living doing what they love and in the process of doing so achieve my own. I want to do this through writing, speaking, and creating offline and online spaces that facilitate conversations around purpose.

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