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For those who vacation internationally, the thing we dread most is layovers. We would rather pay a little more for a non-stop flight than to risk losing our bags in a transfer or being delayed on the first or second leg of the trip. Unless you live on the closest coast to the dream vacation spot that you’re trying to travel to, direct flights are limited. Either the plane can’t make it there non-stop or it has to pick up some people along the way. The place where the layover happens is never as nice as our final destination, but the layover is a necessary step for us to get to our ultimate goal.

Career paths are similar. Many of us have dream jobs in mind, however we can’t always make it there non-stop. Either we are lacking the skills and/or social capital we need to get there. Therefore, we have to refuel our mental tank with the intellectual capital required and pick up the social capital that we need in the form of mentors, colleagues, and friends in order to reach our goal. We fear that along the way we will lose time and get delayed or lose other valuable opportunities. This can occur, but without this career layover, it may not be possible to reach our ultimate career goal. The layover career may not always be the most appealing place, but as long as we know when and what gate our next flight leaves from and our bags are properly marked with our career destination, we will find ourselves sitting in first-class on the journey of our lives.

In order to have a great trip, I suggest doing the following:

1. Buy your ticket early: State your ultimate career goal early for the best deal
2. Pack lightly: Be flexible because your flight plans may change unexpectedly
3. Meet your row: Wherever you sit, there are valuable people next to you

Live purposefully!

Inspired by Cambria & Will


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