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When we say “to do list”, we really mean “my have to do list” and when we “have to do” something, it implies that we really don’t want to do it. The items on our to do lists usually come from someone else (ie professor, boss, government, family) and are geared toward helping someone other than ourselves achieve their goals. Our to do lists become so cluttered with other people’s stuff that there is no room for our own. Why should our personal goals become our last priority? Instead of using the phrase “to do list”, use “I choose list”.

With an “I choose list”, you come first. It acknowledges that you made a conscious choice to accept the task at hand. Each action item on your “I choose list” should push you toward your purpose. An “I choose list” can consist of academic and career-related items. The “I choose list” just serves as a way of ensuring that you are shaping your academic and career experiences rather than allowing them to shape you. For many of us, we have to learn how to say no to certain things and be more vocal about what we want. “I choose lists” force us to ask ourselves why we are doing certain things and as result can reduce procrastination and stress.


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