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Purpose: The healing circle is a great way for people who feel weak in the group for any reason to be strengthened by those close to them.

Size: Any size group

Requirements: To begin, there needs to be a ceremony leader who knows the process and everyone present joins hands in one big circle.


1. "This is the Healing Circle, it represents 360° of unity. It serves both offensive and defensive purposes. Offensively, if anything should come and attack us, we can put it in the middle and stomp it out (Everyone puts their right foot in the middle and stomps as if putting out a cigarette bud). Defensively, I got ________’s (person across from you) back and _______ (person across from you) has mine. If at any time you are feeling weak, get in the middle of the circle, without breaking the link (as in connect the hands of the two people next to you behind your back before letting go and stepping in). At this time, I am going to ask anyone in our community that is feeling weak to please step inside the Healing Circle so that they may be healed through the love and energy in this room."

2. Allow time for people to choose to step inside.

3. "To the brothers and sisters in and outside the circle, this is a space to speak positive affirmations to members inside the circle, reminding them of their divine perfect self as you have experienced them."

4. People will begin to affirm the weak people inside the circle. Allow up to a minute between affirmations before moving on.

5. "To close the circle, we will ask everyone to rejoin the circle."

6. Wait a minute for the weak to rejoin.

7. "We’re going to put or right foot forward to symbolize a step in the right direction and on the count of three we're going to call on the highest power there is and say "Love". One...Two...Three....Love!"

8. Hug. Heal. And be happy.


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