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Purpose: Transform your negative thinking about certain areas of your life in positives

1. On a sheet of paper, list all of the things that you dislike about yourself and want to change.

* I am always late
* I easily get frustrated when things don't go my way
* I am impatient

2. On another sheet of paper, be creative and write a positive affirmation to replace the negatives on the other sheet of paper.

* I respect my own time and the time of others. I am willing and able to be on time. The world is waiting on me and I commit to being ready when it needs me.
* I transcend attitudes and circumstances. They are temporary. Love is permanent. I readily use my light, my energy, my love to overcome any situation for I know that everything happens for a reason and it is on my to find the lesson to be learned.
* Spirit knows what is best for me, therefore, everything is right on schedule. I will receive my reward at the exact moment I need it, not one second sooner or one second later. I vow to let go and let God, for S/he is in total control, not me.

3. Once the positive affirmations are done, rip up the negative sheet as a symbol of your mental transformation. Read the positive affirmations regularly and watch your life improve before your eyes.


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