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Purpose: To show group members that they are not alone in areas of their life where they think they are

Size: over 20 people

Requirements: A reader.

1. Have people write 6 things that you think you have to hide but are really part of their authentic self. They could be challenges, stigmas, fears, physical disabilities, weaknesses, things they are ashamed of or hate about themselves, childhood events, ugly isms, etc separately on small scraps of paper. Examples are I was sexually abused, I am a foster child, I have cancer, etc.
2. Put all of the small scraps of paper into a bag
3. Have everyone sit in a big circle with their eyes closed and heads down.
4. The reader pulls a scrap of paper out of the bag, reads it, puts his or her head down.
5. The people who relate to whatever is on that scrap of paper open their eyes, put their heads up, and acknowledge one another, and then put their heads back down.
6. After a 10 seconds, the reader returns to step #4. This process goes on until the bag is empty. The reader skips any duplicates.
7. If people are willing, afterwards give them a chance to talk about their feelings, connectedness, or disconnectedness to the group.


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