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In Nascar, there is a car called the pace car which limits the speed of competing cars on a racetrack in the case of a major accident or obstruction on the track. Some things to note about the pace car are that:

1. It's not a competitor in the race
2. It slows down the race, allowing everyone to catch up
3. You can never pass it until it exits the track

Imagine being the leading driver in a race when the pace car comes out. Not fun! You've been winning all along and now you feel like second place and every one else that you were ahead of is on your tail.

In life, we oftentimes feel like we're behind too. We're either behind:

1. Our own aggressive 5-year plan (ie millionaire by 30)
2. Our parents' plan for us or,
3. Our peers

Many of us have a pace setter in life. We judge our progress and self-worth according the pacesetter. The pacesetter always makes us feel behind. Oftentimes that pacesetter is a real person that we know. We had every opportunity that they had growing up. We went to school with them and played with them as a little kids. You know whom I'm talking about!

The feeling of always being behind no matter what you do is unhealthy and feeds our competitive nature. We start competing against cars that we already lapped 3 times just to feel like we're getting ahead of someone...anyone. Whoever your pace car is, whoever your parents always ask about every time you come home, whoever you think you should be by now, keep in mind that:

1. They're not a real competitor
2. Following them actually slows down your progress
3. You can never pass them until they exit your mind

You're on your own track to success, running your own race at your own pace. Where you are today is right where you're supposed to be. Everything is right on schedule.


  1. lele Says:
  2. thank u 4 speaking truth

  3. Jason B Says:
  4. Jullien. The pacestetter analogy is excellent. However, I have one question. You mentioned that they are not our real competition? Why not?


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