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Its rare to find a woman with the strength of men
Most men haven't accomplished what my mom did
Only to lose it all and have to strive to get it again
She defied society regardless of its two cents
A self-developed individual with her own blueprint
She's a deserving black queen and I am her prince
Royalty in her own right
She oiled me to run right
She didn't spoil me with one bite
She soiled me in sun light
From her track locker to a doctor
Then me followed by Crocker
Even if you put a mountain in her way
Nothing was going to stop her
Not divorce, nor depression
Life is just a long lesson
Where you are always tested
But if you stay focused
You can answer any question
Despite every move feeling like regression
And every month feeling like recession
If you count all your blessings
You can appreciate what success is
You're not far from your zenith
You've been there, you've seen it
If I hurt you I didn't mean it
Sky's the limit, so is Venus
The mother of the movement
Sometimes replacing Newton
Two parents in one spirit
I wonder how you do it
I hope you appreciate the speech I make
On June 15th, Father's Day
Because its you I celebrate
Then and today
Happy Mother's Day

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  1. lele Says:
  2. this is truly beautiful, truly beautiful.


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