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Cheating on the Job
Stacks of paper to the roof
kinda like the attic be
but deep under these sheets
I'm having fantasies
maybe after work
you'd like to go dance with me want me now?
log-on and chat with me

I'm cheating on the job
not with another girl
I'm cheating on my job
with the rest of the world
daydreaming, my thoughts twirl
like I just flushed the toilet
an hour long bathroom break
I just wanna enjoy it

Employment can be annoying
when its not in line with purpose
it ain't worth it all that working
unless it's spiritually rewarding
a hostage to all my bosses
sick of this, I need a lozenge
if money can't buy time
then my time is really costly

stealing staples like its cable
taking anything without labels
that conference room desk
is looking like a dining table
you can't keep me in this stable
with illusions of being stable
might be new kid on the block
but your thought's a day old

this celery of a salary
is green, but doesn't matter see
what matters to me
will energize my inner battery
I can't keep dragging me
from my car across the street
leaving half of my identity
in the passenger seat

this affair isn't fair
to my job or to my dreams
where I spend my time
is where I plant my seeds
in this dog eat dog world
jobs will hound you then pound you
if I want to create value
I've got to do that which I value

HR thinks we're married
but I'm not even engaged
I thought options meant choice
but when it's stock it means you stay
retirement's too far away
my dreams are calling me today
not fired up they'll fire me
I've got new tracks to blaze

so I put in my 14 days
I got a little money saved
I had to jump ship
cause they pushed me to the plank
now I'm swimming with the sharks
not protected by Noah's Ark
as my career comes to an end
my life finally starts

I feel the beating in my heart
marching to my own drum
I feel alive, I feel in love
a superstar like the sun
23 to 45 are key times
ask Michael Jordan
he retired then returned 'cause
the bleachers are boring


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