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I wrote this song in 2004 or 2005 when I was 23 for my future partner who I thought I would find and have found when I was 25. You'll see why this is significant as you read the lyrics. Words have power. See the letter she wrote for me in 2006 here. We just joined forces in November of 2007.


I love you so
And you don't even know
Can't you see me glow
Whenever you are close
I love you so
And you don't even know
Can't you hear the harp
Forever in my heart

Verse 1

I'm open to change like parking meters
But baby right now, I don't really need ya
I'm glad you showed interest
Cause interest compounds
Will you still be down
When I finally come around
Right now I'm reading the Bible
Tryna touch God like Eiffel
I got big visions I got an eye-full
I'm tryna have the finer things
And that includes a wife
I want my house to have wings
So you gotta call it fly
I got feelings for you too
But nobody knows it
My hearts used to be open
But then somebody closed it
If I don't pay you no notice
Then know that I'm focused
I secretly send you roses
When we part like Moses
From my mother I was stolen
And brought across the sea
From my rib you were molded
So from you I'll never leave
In this game of chess
The king protects the queen
What would Adam be
If he neglected Eve

Verse 2

I've been diggin you for years
I've been shoveling my fears
I did a lot of dirt in my past
Just ask my peers
I ain't perfect
One mistake and I ain't worth it
Baby I'm for certain
I won't hurt you on purpose
The doors to my heart
Are ajar like churches
This window of opportunity
Shines with no curtains
I need to be nurtured
Like that ring I purchased
You the apple in my eye
Now lets grow like orchards
Pushing you away on purpose
Has been like torture
But I had to make sure
I got my life in order
Not tryna downplay the situation
I'm tryna uplift it
Want to wait til at least twenty-five
Like Christmas
I got a lobby full of patience
But they're tired of waiting
And just for your information
I've been stopped dating
As long as this has taken
I know we gonna make it
With God as our first love
We'll never be forsaken


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