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from XXL Magazine (Jan/Feb 2008

I'm not hot. I'm great.

Insight: To be hot is to be temporary. Greatness endures.
I love fans, but I honor believers. Believers know you're great. That's why they believe in you.

Insight: Know the difference between who will ride with and who will ride for you.
XXL: You do have a similar work ethic (as 2 Pac), as far as the amount of records you put out and the time you spend in the studio?

Wayne: It's not even time I spend. I live in the studio. I spend time doing other $h#+.

Insight: Passions aren't for free-time, they're for full-time.
XXL: Do you ever get creatively drained working at such a pace?

Wayne: That's a crazy question because obviously I don't right?

Insight: Just keep creating to get more creative energy.
My mind set is always the same. I'm never there...You're never there until you're there.

Insight: It's not until we push ourselves to our limits that we realize that we're limitless.
Yeah, that's very not important to me - sales. I'm not set out to be bought. I'm set out to be heard...I'm focused on making great music.

Insight: Create value first and the money will follow.
I don't think nobody know what they can do 'til they do it

Insight: Action speaks louder than words. Don't talk about it. Try.
I'm changing that. It used to be "Work like Jamaicans." (I want it to be) Work like Waye.

Insight: Whoever wants to work the least later, must work hardest today.
I do what I do 'cause I do. 'Cause I know why I do what I do.

Insight: Know your intentions and disregard what other people think.
I don't listen to radio and $h#+. I rarely...I'm on this bus all day. I critique my $h#+ all day. I'm my biggest fan and hater and believer and nonbeliever. I'm trying to study MY game. No disrespect to anybody. It ain't even that I don't have the time to listen to it, it's just - that's how great I wanna be.

Insight: Competition is a distraction. Study you, not your perceived competitor.


from The Source, April 2008
Man, I just work. When you work the way I work, things find themselves.

Insight: Don't force it.
I already be seeing me on stage like what should I be looking like? What they gonna say when I say this part? Ni%&as don't be analyzing that $#&t. Ni%&as just trying to make the next word rhyme with the last word they said. Me thought...I aim for the heart.

Insight: Visualize greatness.
You should feel like you're the best with anything you do, whoever you are. I just happen to rap so I said I'm the best rapper. If you don't think you're the best at something what are you doing it for? Do you want to be conservative or do you want to live life doing what the f%ck you wanted to do, saying what the f%ck you wanted to say, being who the f%ck you wanted to be. I'm the definition of everything I just said.

Insight: If you're not striving to be the best, don't play the game.
I'm so much of a perfectionist, nothing I do ain't gonna be right. To tell you the truth, I think everything I've done has been a classic. You gonna have to find another word cause classic (5 mics) ain't gone do.

Insight: Always put your best foot forward.

This is what I was born for. You know how they got people who are made to do things and they can't do them wrong 'cause that's what they're here for?

Insight: We all have a calling and when we find it, we can't do wrong.
Record sales have never been a thing to me. My album dropped in three years first of all. And I'm the hottest n!gg@ out here.

Insight: The money will come.

from Vibe, May 2008
I wanna be a Bob Marley. I wanna be a Tupac - their lives mean so much...I wanna mean so much after I'm gone.

Insight: Focus on leaving a legacy
I still feel like I'm not being respected...I still feel like I don't have the crown. I still feel like there's something I have to do that hasn't been done.

Insight: Do what has never been done before.
I love the studio...It feels like going into a classroom, you know you didn't study everything, the test gets in front of you, and you're like 'Damn, I know all the answers.' That's how I feel when I get in the studio, like 'Damn, I know all the answers.

Insight: Focus on your strengths. Take the class where the answers come naturally.
MTV Interview

"I ain't nowhere near my goal. I'm just having a great time getting there."

"Every time I get in the studio, I do it for those people. And for the people that don't agree, I do it for them too. So hopefully one day they do agree. But if you agree with what I'm saying, then I love you, but if you don't, I love you too — but you will [agree] one day."

"I love what I do," he added. "I love this job. My job is my dream, so every time I get in the studio, I get to dream again. I just chase my dream."
from the Guardian

"I'll be there. I don't think about things that I have to do to get there; I just wake up every day and do something to get there. And whatever it is that I do, I look back and say that's what I done to get here."

"It's not lyrics, so I don't have to come up with it. I am what I'm saying. I just do it. This is what I am,"

"I already know who I am. I gotta lot of mirrors all around my crib, so I know what I look like and I can see through these," he says, pointing to his inked eyes. "It's more about figuring out everybody else and the way they are. You know how they act, who they are and then you're never sure. And that's the beauty of psychology, the beauty of humanity. Psychology teaches you that you could never know someone."

"I can explain me in one word," he decides. "Unexplainable." Here we go. "No, listen," he pleads, suddenly eager to be understood. "Anybody who can be explained should be ashamed of themselves. I wasn't created, I wasn't made. I was put here and there's no word for it," he nods, gathering up his sunglasses and syrup. "I can't explain myself. You look at me and tell me what you see, you listen to me and tell me what you get. That's what it is, that's who I am." Swig, grin, sunglasses back on. "I am music, ya dig?"
from the Carter 3

"Confidence has no budget." - Dr. Carter

"Repetition is the father of learning." - Shoot Me Down
from Baller Status

"Music is my drug."
"Stay personal. Music is personal. It's about the person. Stay within yourself.
"I'ma Leave it to God, not me nor neither you"
Mr. Carter, The Carter 3
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