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A fisherman is drowning. He prays to God to save him. A boat comes and offers him a rope. "No, God will save me," he says. Another boat comes. "God will save me," he repeats. A third boat. Same thing. Finally, he drowns.

When he gets to heaven, he's upset. He asks God, "Why didn't you save me?" And God says, "I sent you three boats."


In order to find true soul-utions to our problems, we have to:

1. Let go of how and when you think God should answer you in your own mind (ie If I pray for help regarding my financial situation, winning the lottery is one of billions of ways God can answer my call)

2. Be open to the answer coming in many forms (ie If I hate my current job, God may open a door within the same company rather than a complete change of employer)

3. Give thanks to God for the answered prayer (ie If I ask and get an answer, I must give thanks, otherwise I will think that God isn't hearing me if I forget to acknowledge of the prayers that are answered)


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