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I'm beginning to wonder if there is such thing as giving too much too early. If you give too much too early, then it is possible that what you're giving now becomes the expectation later. The whole purpose of a preview, sampler, or teaser is to give you just enough to let you know what it will feel like to experience something regularly. Some questions came to mind that really need to be considered.

Is it better for a tech company to charge (even a little bit) from the start rather than to give away its software for free in the beginning and then try to charge users later on?

Is it better to give your all in romantic relationships from the start and play all of your cards, or is it best to hold some cards for later?

Is it better to donate a lot of money to a cause up front knowing that they will try to ask you for more next year or should you start small and grow year after year?

One of the principles of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee's philosophy, is economy of motion. Economy of motion suggest not to waste time or motion and that the simplest things work best. One should only give the necessary energy required for the task at hand...nothing more.

I'm leaning toward the belief that giving too much too early is a bad thing. It sets an unrealistic expectation for the future and leaves no room for growth. People want to see growth, but if the expectations start too high, then there is no room for growth and dissatisfaction sets in. Therefore, we should give to our job, to our partner, to whomever and whatever, at the rate we expect to give in the future. Though you may have it to give and you want to give it, don't set the bar too high for yourself.


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