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July 11th marked my 26th birthday. After 25 years on this Earth, my biggest lesson this year is that I have multiple identities that make up who I am and I want to introduce you to them all. I used to reject certain parts of me, but I'm learning to embrace all of me and my different dimensions are captured by my nicknames. I realized that I'm not one-dimensional and for those of you who only know one dimension of me, please take a moment to meet the rest of me.

  • Origins: Given to me by Steve for my loving spirit toward sisters, brothers, and the youth
  • Purpose: To reach a place of unconditional love for self and all living beings (including women, men, plants, animals, the seen, and unseen)
  • Passions: potlucks, poetry, people, prayer
  • Problem: How does one create and sustain healthy relationships rooted in spiritual intimacy?
  • Theme Songs: Love by Musiq Soulchild & I'm Ready for Love by India Arie
J-Conxus (pronounced "conscious")
  • Origins: Given to me by myself during a period of deep spiritual, cultural, and self exploration
  • Purpose: To consciously critique society and create solutions to close the gap between where society is in comparison to where it could and should be.
  • Passions: building self-sustaining institutions, reading, writing, public speaking, organizing information
  • Problem: How does one organize the world in a way where everyone is free to reach their full potential?
  • Theme Songs: Changes by 2 Pac & If I Ruled the World by Nas & It Was Written by Dead Prez, GOD by Common feat. Cee-lo
Mr. Purposefinder
  • Origins: Given to me by Oladayo during business school because of my commitment to (the old version of and my 1-on-1 purposefinder sessions with classmates.
  • Purpose: To serve God by helping as many people as possible find and fulfill their purpose in life.
  • Passions: blogging, coaching, mentorship, visioning
  • Problem: How does one help people find and fulfill their purpose in life?
  • Theme Songs: Closer by Goapele, We're Jah-men by Bob Marley, Free by Talisman
  • Origins: Given to me by Tim at UCLA for my serial entrepreneurship (selling agenda books, throwing parties, selling t-shirts,, etc)
  • Purpose: To help people make a living doing what they love by creating innovative social business models.
  • Passions: creating businesses (= creating value + capturing value)
  • Problem: How does one create systems of exchange within and between communities that transcend money and allow people to capture the value they create for society?
  • Theme Songs: Money Is My $itch by Nas & U Don't Know by Jay-Z, Robin Hood Theory by Gang Starr
Other nicknames include:
  • Flash Gordon (meaning = racing through life, but I'm leaning to slow down)
  • Fig (Newton is my middle name and I bear good fruit)
  • Navigator Newt (meaning = great at finding and giving direction when driving and in life)
  • The Oracle (meaning = trusted advisor and wise)
  • Ju or JuJu (I'm not Jewish, but I am very spiritual)
  • JuJuBee (like the candy and because I'm so sweet)
Think about your nicknames and see if they offer you any revelations. Also checkout this research I did on my first and last name and tell me if this sounds like me. Deep and scary!

More dimensions to come...


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Jullien's Purpose Statement

My purpose is to help as many people as possible reach their full potential by helping them making a living doing what they love and in the process of doing so achieve my own. I want to do this through writing, speaking, and creating offline and online spaces that facilitate conversations around purpose.

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