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In my experience, I rarely see a guy give another guy something for free. But today, I got a free copy at Kinkos. I went on Tuesday to make copies for a book club that selected You Can't Google Purpose as its next read. I made 5 copies but I thought I paid for 6. So I went back today during my lunch break just to make sure that I paid for 5 and not 6. It turns out I paid $48 for 5 and I was more than happy to pay for a sixth one that I needed for someone else and the guy gave it to me for free. Maybe he saw the title and thought to himself "This is a noble cause! Why not?"

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. "Usually only girls get free stuff when they're cute."

    Such an incredibly sexist statement Jullien. We must be aware of our words if we truly are working to build and grow community.

    A statement like that -- heard by untrained ears -- could 1. make a young girl think she needs to look a certain way and she can get whatever she wants, 2. make a young boy disrespect a young girl because he thinks she is looking a certain way because she wants something for free, and 3. doesn't support the theory that many people have kindness of heart "just because", when many of us do, you just need to catch us on the right day.


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