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Yesterday, I helped a close friend and her roommate move a two bedroom apartment. Here are the lessons about life I garnered from the experience.
  1. Have a great team: It took 7 people to move. Moving time is when you know who your true friends are.
  2. Bundling is key: Lots of little boxes can be intimidating. Even the strongest person in the world only has two hands. Also organized packing mean organized unpacking.
  3. Throw it away: When you want to move, you have to throw stuff away. It will make your move easier. Whether it's old beliefs, thoughts, etc that you don't use anymore, throw them away.
  4. Big stuff first: It's best to take the big stuff first for a couple of reasons: you have more strength early on and it's hard to pack big stuff when too much little stuff is in the way.
Moving creates an opportunity to let go. Eventually what goes up must come down so think about the weight of all of your decisions and how flexible or inflexible they may make you.


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