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Everybody say cheese! Thankfully there weren't too many lactose intolerant people present this time because we had 3 different types of macaroni and cheese. All them tasted great. Is anybody still constipated?

Sunday's potluck was an amazing group of entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, lawyers, musicians, dancers, students, educators, writers, fashion experts, and more. There was also a lot of love in the room as we were blessed a few groups of best friends, three couples, and
8 Driving School for Life alumni. The evening involved watching Beyonce's abs, salsa dancing, and a conversation around the last thing you did to love yourself. Answers included going to the spa, getting a gym membership, traveling with friends, singing and dancing freely at home, saying "I love you" in the mirror, moving across the country for love, among others.

We welcome the 14 new potluckers to the family. Thanks again to Ronethea for being such a great host. 17...18...19...20...21 makes this the biggest potluck in New York yet. Potluck has now reached 156 people.

Don't forget to continue loving thyself <3

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  • March 7th: Jullien's Driving School for Life Course. Visit for details. Save $25 with early registration.
  • March 12th: James' TechonOrganizing Workshop to get your Gmail organized. Email James at for details.
  • March 13th: Karaoke Soul. Email Pam at for details.
  • March 14th: House Party @ Ronethea & Terry's
  • March 15th: Potluck #16 in Brooklyn, NY at Kanako & Danya's
64 More Ways to Love Thyself
  1. Soak in a bath with candles and music
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Make yourself a cup of tea
  4. Exercise
  5. Stretch and move to music
  6. Practice Yoga, Tai Chi or another gentle activity
  7. Sit in the sun for 15 minutes
  8. Change one thing to improve your diet
  9. Watch birds and animals interact in nature
  10. Sit in a park or garden
  11. Take a nap
  12. Eat totally healthy for one day per week
  13. Be mindful of an ache or pain, focus healing energy and love to that
  14. area of your body for 5 minutes
  15. Recognize when you need comfort, and seek it out, cuddle up in a warm
  16. blanket, light a candle, call a friend, put on loving music etc.
  17. Get lost in a book or a movie, or create a fantasy . . .daydream for
  18. 15 minutes
  19. Be playful or silly, let your inner child play ? color, blow bubbles,
  20. paint or sing your favorite childhood song
  21. Create a nurturing nook in your home, set up your own personalized sanctuary
  22. Cry or laugh with a plant, tree or something from the earth
  23. Engage in a hobby or craft project
  24. Write yourself a letter about the obstacles you?ve overcome and things
  25. like about yourself
  26. Do something you have wanted to do for a long time
  27. Hug yourself for 3 minutes
  28. Breathe deep and think about a calm peaceful place, imagine yourself there
  29. Remember a special time that brought your joy
  30. Sing
  31. Hug someone or ask for a hug
  32. Talk to someone by pretending they are there
  33. Make a to do list
  34. Write a poem
  35. Connect with nature
  36. Concentrate on the flame of a candle
  37. Meditate
  38. Pray
  39. Talk to your guardian angel
  40. Write about your spiritual purpose
  41. Write about an experience that has been meaningful
  42. Smile every time you see a particular object (one that you see a lot of)
  43. Email a friend, tell them how much they mean to you
  44. List things you will do to improve your life
  45. Identify negative beliefs that limit your life
  46. Journal write about your reactions, thoughts, and feelings for a month
  47. Learn about a different religion or spiritual practice from your own
  48. Make a list of short and long term goals
  49. Practice unconditional love and forgiveness with yourself and others
  50. Work on your family tree
  51. Smile at a stranger, send them thoughts of peace, acceptance and joy
  52. Affirm yourself daily
  53. Watch children play, talk to your inner child in a loving way
  54. Acknowledge yourself for your accomplishments, be proud
  55. Talk to or smile at an elder
  56. Feel a fear and take a risk
  57. Telephone a friend or relative
  58. Do something of service for your community or another person
  59. Eat something sweet or sour
  60. Accept a compliment
  61. Read love quotes to yourself
  62. Give yourself a hand or foot message
  63. Find two things you love about your body
  64. Close your eyes, and smile for the gift of life


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