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In indigenous cultures, names were given according to your purpose. In some cultures, people underwent multiple naming ceremonies at birth, during adolescence and then adulthood. For instance, Sitting Bull, one of the most well-known Sioux Indians was born with the name Jumping Badger because of his speed, later given the name Jumping Bull, and then became Sitting Bull because he was slow to think before acting.

Sometimes our nicknames are more telling of who are than our given names. Without a naming ceremony, parents tend to choose names that sound cute. Most names have some sort of meaning or legacy and sometimes our lives parallel with those who have bore the name before us and sometimes they don't. Nicknames usually come from the conscious choice of someone close to us. At any given moment, they choose to forgo using our given name and call us something different because they feel it is a more accurate depiction of who we truly are. Some of my nicknames include Navigator Newt, J-Love, J-Conxus, and J-Money.

Nicknames are just the beginning. They communicate back us what we've communicated to others through the way we live. But even more powerful than accepting a nickname is choosing your own superhero name. The TV show Heroes and most Marvel characters are everyday human beings who have recognized a special superpower they hold. In the same way, we are each born with special superpowers that get reduced to language like gifts, strengths, and talents. Your superhero name should communicate your uniqueness and how you create value for the other people. Some good ones on TV are The Dog Whisper, a guy who has the power to train dogs, and The Locator, a guy who helps people track down lost family members. Below is a list of more superhero names that have we use today and a list of names that have been christened in Driving School for Life.

Share your superhero name and powers in the comments section below.

Modern Day Superheros

Biological Name
Superhero Name
Super Powers
Caesar Milan
Dog Whisper
The power to connect with dogs and train them to behave
Troy Dunn
The Locator
The power to help people locate long lost family members
JesusChrist (Anointed One)
The power to anoint people
Oscar Pistorius
Blade Runner
The power to run extremely fast with prosthetic legs
Steve Irwin
The Crocodile Hunter
The power to tame crocodiles and other animals
Stephen Wiltshire The Human Camera
The power to capture complex image in his head (ie the entire birds-eye view of a city) and then draw it from memory despite having autism.

Superhero Names from Driving School for Life
The Advocate


Charlie the Great
The Clenched Fist
The Connector
The Conscious Hustla
The Chancellor
The Creator

Deus Style
Don Milagro/Mr. Miracle
Dr. Grow
Dream Catcher

The Enlightener
The Explorer

The Gatekeeper
Ghetto Man the Prophet
Ghost Speaker

Heavenly Glory

The Justice

The Innovator

Kali Kenetic Educator

Lady Godiva the Communicator
The Life Guard

The Mayor
Melody Moses
The Mirror
Mr. Ezquire
The Music Making Do Gooder

The Negotiator
Nikki Numbers


Potential Pusher
The Prophet


Sharp Shooter
Show Time
Superbeene the Builder
The Sythesizer

The Third-Eye Transformer
Truth Bearer
Truth Seeker

Poetic Soul
Poverty Killer

La Veritas
Voice of the Go Getter

The Warden
Wellness Guru



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