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About a month ago I sent out a clarion call for mentors (See email sent to 100+ friends on May 6th). The closest I got to the people listed below was 1-degree away from Les Brown. Despite not getting who I thought I needed I got some great leads to other people in my space who may not be as well known, but could be of equal or more value to me and my company reaching its full potential. I'm thankful for all of my great friends who went to bat for me. I need to work on my pitch.

I know that in order to grow and navigate the uncertain terrain ahead, I need guides who have been there or similar places before. If you're comfortable where you're at and you aren't trying to push yourself to new heights, you don't need mentors. Its crazy! As many people as I coach and mentor, I haven't done a great job of getting coached and mentored. As a result, I know I'm not reaching my full potential right now.

I recently created a list of potential board of director members to pitch again. These are people more close to home. When you're thinking about your board, think of:
  1. professors
  2. people you've worked with
  3. anyone who has taken a particular interest in you
  4. your parent's friends
  5. your friends' parents
If you still can't think of anyone, check out, a site co-founded by one of my mentors, John Rice, also Founder of Management Leadership for Tomorrow where I worked after business school. My goal is to pitch 10 of the 18 candidates by the end of June in person or via phone and get at least half to commit. I have to effectively communicate the possibility that I am so clearly that it would be hard for them to say no. Everyone has time constraints, but people will make time to be a part of something monumental.

I hope this helps.

Dear family and friends,

I need your support finding amazing mentors/teachers who share my vision for a world where everyone is able to make their highest contribution through living in alignment with their purpose. I want to create a personal board of directors made up of 5 mentors to:
  1. challenge me
  2. guide me, and
  3. hold me accountable to myself
A 30 minute call with the right person can save 3 years of work in the wrong direction. Just like a business board of directors, I only need to meet in person or phone 4 times per year (=2-4hrs/year), but I would love to be able to have an email or phone-based relationship in between so that I can make sure I'm taking the right steps to INSPIRE OUR GENERATION.

I'm trying to reach BIG TIME PLAYERS in the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT industry such as: Paulo Coehlo, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Les Brown, Rick Warren,Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Steven Covey, and Marcus Buckingham.

If you have any direct or roundabout connections to the people listed above or other people in the personal development industry who will help me grow as a human being, as a thought leader, and as a businessman, please connect me via phone or email.

I don't know what I don't know and mentorship is the most powerful way I've seen and studied people achieve their goals. I commit to upholding my highest personal integrity with anyone you connect me with in appreciation of your support.

Thank you in advance with all of my heart.



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  1. Andrea Rice Says:
  2. Thanks Jullien for the mention. I of course agree that mentors can be enormously valuable in opening doors and giving you critical insight. Why reinvent the wheel and make unnecessary mistakes?

    The best mentors I think must possess at least two of the following attributes: i) they know you personally or have a common affiliation that matters to them (e.g. School, friend of friend); ii) have relevant experience; and iii) have the time to be helpful. I think a lot of people underestimate the value of peers as mentors and those who might be just a few years senior. We should each look to have 3-5 mentors at any given time, some of whom might be very senior, and others less so. Each brings different things to the table.


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