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When I study the lives of “great” people (just like you and I) who are making a difference in the world, I noticed a pattern. I noticed that they were using their passions to address various problems. That’s how I derived the equation:

Passions + Problems = Purpose

Example 1

Passions: Counseling + Broadcasting + Empowering Women
+ Problems: Gender Issues + Sexism
= Harpo Productions by Oprah Winfrey (Harpo is Oprah spelled backwards!)

Example 2

Passions: Cycling + Competing
+ Problems: Cancer
= Livestrong Foundation by Lance Armstrong

Example 3

Passions: Making Music + Performing + Planning Events
+ Problems: AIDS + Poverty
= Live 8 + One Campaign by Bono

Example 4

Passions: Studying Economics
+ Problems: Poverty
= Grameen Bank of Microfinance by Muhammad Yunis

Example 5

Passions: Walking + Running
+ Problems: AIDS
= AIDS Walk by Craig Miller

Above are 5 recognizable examples of people who used what they love to have a positive impact on the world. Most of their paths were financially rewarding as well. There are countless others doing the same things on a smaller scale. I met an older woman in Visalia, California named Shiela who loves knitting + quilting and she gives her quilts away for free to battered women and their children. Go Shiela!

Live purposefully!

Inspired by: Sheila


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