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Philosopher, Victor Frankl said, “A man who knows his why can bear almost any how”. I agree with that statement whole-heartedly, but where do we go to find our “why”? And how do we find our “how”? As America moves toward a service driven economy, each one of us will have to look ourselves in the mirror and ask “What value do I bring to the world that cannot be replicated by a computer?” What are my gifts and strengths? Who would the best me be? In this age of technological growth, the one thing that a hard drive can’t replace is a soft heart and as we find creative ways to love and serve one another, we become more human. is an online platform that will allow us to bypass our social divisions and unite at the heart around the world’s gravest problems and our life’s greatest passions. By creating a safe space for young people to find direction in their lives, ultimately, we will change the course of the world for the better. I can’t think of any cause more worthwhile than helping people find their purpose. Knowing one’s purpose is the most fundamental ingredient of life. Ask your colleagues, ask your children, ask yourself. Who doesn’t want to know?

Live purposefully!


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Jullien's Purpose Statement

My purpose is to help as many people as possible reach their full potential by helping them making a living doing what they love and in the process of doing so achieve my own. I want to do this through writing, speaking, and creating offline and online spaces that facilitate conversations around purpose.

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