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Love is not about possession of one's heart by another, it is about he sharing of one's heart with another. A person's heart is like the sun, it sends positive energy to many things at once. At various times of the day, the intensity of the sun's energy is higher in some places than it is in others. Likewise, our hearts light the worlds of different people at different times.

When it comes to romantic love, typically, feelings for past lovers never fade completely. The moon still lights those corners of our life while a new sun, in the form of a new person, may begin the share its light with us. The sun is bound by physical size; the heart is not. The heart is not a single-size pizza that must be divided and shared. The heart can grow and develop more capacity to love.

Thus, a person's love for their past love does not have to fade completely to make space for a new love. They can simply increase the love in their heart to share with the new love, which will likely be more intense than the energy they continue to give to their old love. Our hearts will always be shared among family, friends, passions, and causes. We are challenged to grow our hearts' capacity until we can ultimately spread our love to all of humanity. Instead of saying "I'm in love with this person", we should say "I'm in love with all of life, but this person and I share the most intense love."

Inspire by: Nakia Warren


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