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“Remind yourself, nobody build like you, you design yourself” – Jay-Z

Over time and because of Moore’s Law, technology has grown exponentially. We celebrate how easier life has become as a result, but we fail to recognize the accompanying difficulties. The pervasiveness of ATM machines is just one example of how technology is eliminating jobs traditionally done by human. Even surgery is being done by machines! This is great for businesses because they are able to cut costs and thus earn more profits. This is bad for human beings who don’t have people skills or thinking skills that a computer can’t replicate. Today’s average college graduate is ahead of the computer curve, but will that be the case tomorrow?

How will you differentiate yourself? Whereas our parents only had to compete against each other, in this globalized world, we are competing against computers and millions of hard-working highly intelligent people all over the world. The game has officially changed. An academic degree is not enough to differentiate ourselves, especially considering that we are taught from out-dated text as opposed to the future trends. When you study, study to the trend.

We have to identify those 1-3 things that we want to be the top 100 in the world at and weave them together to strategically position ourselves for the future. The person who will survive in this era is the hustler, the person with the entrepreneurial mindset who creates opportunities for themselves using what they have. The 3 rules of hustlin’ are as follows:

1. A hustler knows the game (future industry trends, leaders, latest news, etc)
2. A hustler knows themself (goals, needs, strengths, weaknesses, etc)
3. A hustler knows their resources (friends, networks, finances, etc)

Are you a hustlin’?

Live purposefully!

Inspired by: Thomas Freidman & Jay-Z

Addition Reading: Tough Choices (
The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman


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