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Every morning I turn to Nia
And give thanks for her presence
Without her I feel empty
I feel poor like a peasant
Lost with no direction
A moth with no protection
She helps me grow
Into the butterfly I was destined
To be
To me
She holds the key
That unlocks doors
Inside my core
That I couldn’t even see
In the closets of my mind
She shines the cause of why I’m blind
I broke the law inside my mind
That I’m flawed and I’m divine

Her body is shaped like an indented paragraph
And I stare her up and down
With my internal pair of glasses
I study her like classes
I’m stuck in her like traffic
She’s my new addiction
She takes away all distractions
I love her with a passion
An actor in a movie script
I am the lead actor
we both co-direct
and when she leads
I follow
what she feeds
I swallow
as long as it will get me to my soul’s
with her I watch my destiny unfold

She is so so fine
from years of refinement
But it was I who changed
by changing my own eyelids
she will mother my kids
the fruits of my labor
she’s there in clutch times
(I cannot escape her)
like Duke and Christian Latner
she never tells me later
she is like my savior
marriage is in the mind
it’s meaningless on paper
When she and I make love
I’m caught inside her glove
When the two of us are one
There’s no room to judge
Which makes more room for us
A relationships built on trust
Faith without works is dead
So action is a must
She says if anyone goes astray
It will probably be me
But if I believe in her
She will never leave

In my darkest hour
She is like my moon
She always lights my world
Whether midnight or noon
When there’s excess she prunes
When there’s success she looms
Cause everything I achieve
Is fueled by her fumes
When I look her in the eye
I understand my why
Her belief in me
makes me think I can fly
my guiding light, my life
the focus of my sight
some call her purpose
but Nia is my wife

Note: Nia means purpose in Ki-Swahili


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