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Can one choose the tools they need to build a building without seeing the blueprint first? Of course there are some standard tools like a hammer and wrench, but what other tools will be needed? Even if we choose 3 random tools just because everyone else has them or they look like they will help, how can we be sure, especially if we don't know how to use them?

We are trying to build our future. Our tools are the skills we can learn from our classes and our classes are like the instruction manuals. The more we learn in each class, the better we can use the tool.

Oftentimes, we skim the instruction manual and don't learn about the true capabilities of the tool. We are restricted to the basics because we didn't put the time and energy necessary to learn how to use the tool properly.

As the quarter began, I was dreading classes. I almost forgot that school is my tool. I chose to be here so that I could develop a customized toolkit that will help me build the future I want to create.

My challenge to you is to set personal outcomes for each class after reading the syllabus (or blueprint) and getting a general overview.

Live (+ learn) purposefully!


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