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An economics professor and a student were strolling through the campus.

"Look," the student cried, "there's a $100 bill on the path!"

"No, you are mistaken," the wiser head replied. "That cannot be. If there were actually a $100 bill, someone would have picked it up."

Each of us wears a pair of glasses that are colored by our experiences and knowledge. A person who knows less and experienced less sees less. Train yourself to see the world through the lenses of your passions and your experiences and every day you will see new opportunities. Be aware and keep your eyes open. There are $100 dollar bills floating all around you.

When a musician sees the world…
…they see ideas for songs.

When an entrepreneur sees the world…
….they see ideas for businesses.

When a filmmaker sees the world…
…they see ideas for movies.

When a professor sees the world…
…they see ideas for research.

When an architect sees the world…
…they see ideas for blueprints.

When a fashion designer sees the world…
…they see ideas for clothes.

When a pessimist sees the world…
…they see chronic problems.

When an optimist sees the world…
….they see alternative solutions.

When I see the world…
…I see wisdom to share with you.

What do you see everyday?

Live purposefully!

Inspired by: Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour


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