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Approximately 10% of the 6.5 billion people in the world have access to the internet. These 650 million people would be considered part of the "developed" world. How developed is the developed world?

At, you can type in any word and it will give you the monthly results for the number of times that word was searched on Yahoo’s search engine. Here are some keyword search rankings from September 2005:

September 2005 Searches

Word Searched (# of searches)
Ring tone (4,200,748)
Jobs (3,487,588)
Britney Spears (2,623,616)
XXX (2,300,886)
50 Cents (2,221,350)
Education (1,581,363)
Katrina (1,442,544)
Harry Potter (1,001,483)
Naked (855,285)
Video game (650,052)
Love (636,396)
Beyonce (486,470)
Drugs (365,544)
Guns (106,923)
Gandhi (36,478)
Purpose (20,430)

Thoughts held in mind produce after their own kind. Today’s world is the manifestation of yesterday’s thoughts and aspirations. Thus, we must be careful what we think today for they will become tomorrow's reality.

Live purposefully!


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