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Purpose Finder (PF) & Student (S)

PF: What is the purpose of a cup?

S: To drink from and hold liquids

PF: True. But can’t a cup be used for other things?

S: Like what?

PF: A cup can hold pens and paper clips, trap insects, serve as a small pot for plants, or be used for magic tricks. Would you agree?

S: True!

PF: I would then argue that a cup can be used for many things in many ways. But, in order to find the true purpose of the cup and why it was created, who would you ask?

S: Whoever made the cup!

PF: That is correct. The best person to ask is the potter. In the same way, there are thousands of things that we as human beings can do with our lives. We can be politicians, journalists, secretaries, entrepreneurs, athletes, police officers, painters, teachers, or garbage men. Though there may be 1,000s of career options, there are over 6 billion unique purposes. However, just like the cup, we must get in touch with our creator to find out what each of us was created for. If the cup doesn’t fulfill its original purpose, then the water will never have a place to rest and the world would be out of balance. Therefore, it is essential that you are steadfast on the path to your purpose because there are people in the world waiting for you.

Live purposefully!


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