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Student: How do we change the world?

Teacher: Good question! Let’s examine how the world has changed throughout time. How would you describe the world in the beginning?

Student: Euphoric and peaceful.

Teacher: How would you describe it today?

Student: In turmoil.

Teacher: What changed?

Student: The people.

Teacher: So what needs to change to restore order?

Student: The people.

Teacher: You have answered wisely. Many people think that institutions like the government are the root causes of all social problems. But what sustains every institution in existence?

Student: People.

Teacher: Correct! Change the individuals and the institution will naturally change. The true problem is that people don’t understand how their everyday choices aggregate to create larger problems. We can only solve the problem once we realize that part of its source is in us.

Student: So how do I change people?

Teacher: You can’t. You can only change yourself. When Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see”, he meant for each one of us to be an example of change. Model the lifestyle your heart knows is right; nobody can stop you from doing for self. Others will either choose to accept or reject your model. No convincing is needed. Extrinsic factors like fear, incentives, laws, and force are irrelevant. All lasting change is intrinsic; change must come from within. Change within and you will naturally change without. How do you impact the world?

Live purposefully!


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