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Success is not predestined; it is created. And the creation process always requires four elements:

1. Creator, the source
2. Creativity, the energy or inspiration
3. Creation, the process
4. Creature, the product or form

1. There are two creator; The Creator and the creator (you). The Creator made us in Its image therefore, we are also creators. The Creator creates through us and creation is never ending (meaning it is still going). Creativity flows through us to the extent that we are aware of these truths.

2. The Creator cannot work through the creator (you) using creativity until the creator (you) recognizes that all ideas are divinely inspired by The Creator and have been entrusted to the the creator (you) on behalf of The Creator. This definitely brings up intellectual property issues. Who gets the credit? If you've ever watched the Grammy Award or Oscars, usually The Creator is the first to be acknowledged.

3. Creation is the process by which the idea or thought becomes manifest in its form or creature. This process requires more and more creativity and continuous connection with The Creator. In the English language, sometimes we interchange the word creation (the process) as the word for the product or form (ie "Look at my creation"). It is true that the creature (the form), has the other three elements within it, but we must be clear. Creation (the process) and creature (the form) are connected but different.

4. Finally, there is the creature. The creature is the manifested idea in a form that anyone with eyes can see and believe in. Very few people believe before this stage; they are like weeds out to kill your seed. But give thanks to all those who believe in The Creator, the creator (you), and the certainty of the creation process before the creature is formed. They are like fellow farmers who saw the abundant crop as you were planting the seeds underground and tilling the land. It is your belief in the idea that moves the idea through the creation process to point where it transitions from being invisible to visible. Somehow, perhaps cartoons, we got a sinister idea of the word creature. According to, creature simply means:

1. Something created.
a. A living being, especially an animal: land creatures; microscopic creatures
b. A human.
c. An imaginary or fantastical being: mythological creatures; a creature from outer space.
2. One dependent on or subservient to another.

The suffix -ure means a body performing a function (ie legislature or fixture). This means that the creature is the encapsulation of The Creator, the creator, the creativity, and the creation. Only good intention creator can connect with The Good Intentioned Creator and use creativity and the creation process in a good way to create a good creature.

The four elements of success are universal. They apply to all equally. Let us keep writing the creation story with each inkling of creativity we have for story will go on as long as we keep co-creating it together. I wish you much success in all that you have done, are doing, and will do. I am a fellow farmer.

Inspire by Ernest


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