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I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept of writer’s block. You may have even experienced it before. Writer’s block is the inability to freely express yourself through writing. In life, many of have a disease called liver’s block. By liver, I don’t mean the body part, I mean you, the person living your life. There are 3 reasons why liver’s block persist in our society:

1. No space and time to create

Sometimes writers go live in a cabin for a couple of months so that they can have some peace and quiet without and within. When we’re in the chaotic world, there is no time for that. We spend almost 60% of our waking hours working for someone else, another 20% preparing to get there and back (ie dressing, driving, dining), leaving only 20% of our time to do what we want.

2. No ink

To be honest a lot of us are just out of ink. We live our lives getting to one day be instead of being to one day get. Passion is the liquid of life, but we have killed off the very thing that inspires us by silencing the small voice within. Every time we say no to our dreams, they get quieter and quieter. By the time we are ready to live them, they are mute and it's too late.

3. No blank paper

When I think of someone with writer’s block, I imagine a whole bunch of crumpled up pieces of paper in a nearby garbage can. That’s okay! A blank piece of paper means an opportunity for a fresh start. Oftentimes, the piece of paper we are looking at is filled with old stuff and red ink from the past. Ball it up. Let it go. And throw into the hoop of the past where it belongs.

I think we can all agree that change is constant. Therefore, the creation story never ends because creation always is. The real question is who is writing your chapter of our collective story? Each day is a blank sheet of paper that we can write/live what we want. If you’re not writing your own story, then who is?


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