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Today I was walking from the train station and I saw a cement truck with a flat tire. The funny thing about that is that cement truck can't just park, it has to keep its engine on to keep the back of the truck spinning so that the cement doesn't settle. In this moment, I saw the state of the world.

Here we are, the Millenial Generation, riding on the backs of our parents who are in the driver's seat. They are traveling on the road that was paved for them by the generation before. In our rear view mirror are centuries of pot holes, accidents, road rage, and traffic. Soon it will be our turn to "pave a new road" and direction for our children once we are set free.

At this point, our parents are settled in their ways. Some of our parents want us to be just like them and "fit the mold" and some of our parents know that in order to continue the journey, an entirely new road will have to be paved. For those who know that the old way doesn't work anymore, they make sure that the engine stays on so that the minds of those on their back keep "spinning". Here we are, dealing with change at speeds never before seen. We jump career, cities, and countries like it's nothing. We are curious, connected, and courageous.

In our hearts we want to "settle down" at some point too. We know our time to make a difference is on the horizon because the truck (or society) is broken and the cement can't spin forever. We know that the four core values that "drive our society" like sex, cut throat competition, independence, and elitism are" flat" and need to be replaced by love, cooperation, community, and respect of all. Fortunately, automobiles are designed with windshields that are 25 times bigger than the rear view mirror; that means a future of possibility for our parents, ourselves, and our children.

We have 2 choices:
1. Fit the mold and Settle, or
2. Pave a new road

Which one will we choose?


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