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I enjoy your company
But love is not a business
It's intimate, non-secretive
Something you feel deep within
Reciprocity's my philosophy
And it's only a loss to me
When I give lots to you
But I'm never profiting
This is a rare transaction
However you feel, unmask it
I'm not after your assets
Put your fears in a casket
The pain my heart incurs
For us to be partners
Makes me a makeshift martyr
For us to start up
A relationship long term
Where we are both concerned
Where we both can learn
And then share meals (mill.) on the firm
Don't contract this contract
We can go way beyond that
Whatever you need, I'm on that
When you call I call back
Its silly to think getting near me
Is a liability as if you fear me
Do you feel me?
Cause it kills me
To deal hands of romance
Without a chance to slow dance
The greater the risk
The greater the return
I just want one kiss
Money back guaranteed I'll return
You supply my demand
I could be your man
Walking hand in hand
Whether we stand
On land or quick sand
I've approached you valiantly
After auditing your balance sheet
I value how you think
You're worth more than stacks of green
Cause you're more than satisfactory
And can help manufacture me
Currently our currency
Is something we oversee (oversea)
But I'll continue to serve you
As long as you serve me
This foreign exchange of emotion
Carried by the currency of the ocean
Contains a bottle of love potion
More potent than any divisive quotient
Granted there are things we can't account for
Like natural competition
The free market of men and women
May cause some suspicion
But, I want stock in your life
Cause I'm tied in your eyes
And you suit me just fine
I invest in you my time
I invest in you my mind
You can count on me
Like a money machine
You know it's a funny thing
Never thought you'd be the one for me
We communicate, negotiate
Associate and cooperate
We merge our minds together
To efficiently operate
You have no substitute
And I'm a complement to you
You are one of kind
That's why I'm in the market for you
My invisible hands shake
When I reach out to touch you
Because you may either resist or take
What I have to offer you
Support, rapport
And lifetime benefits too
My heart is open
I wonder what is stopping you
I trust you enough
To eat from your plate
And drink from your cup
We're past our first date
I think its time you open up
If everything is so personal
How can I get to know you as a person?
If you're void of anything
I can be your nourishment
If I give you butterflies
I apologize for nervousness
If you're unsure of your potential
I'll be your encouragement
No hidden agendas
We share strategic goals
We can silence all contenders
When the next generation starts to roll
Should I put you on speed dial?
Or should I wait a while?
Our bond's young like a child
I want you to smile long as the Nile
Opportunity knocks
So please let me in
This is the last chance I'm giving
The angel round so get in
I'm going to continue to be me
And this is my terms sheet
I need to tell you one thing
I enjoy your company

1 Responses to The Business of Love

  1. lele Says:
  2. i think i like your "love" poems the best...u r very good at transcending definitions. :)


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