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Wikipedia defines the quarterlife crisis as a phase between during one's 20s characterized by insecurity, confusion, frustration, and loneliness. The quarterlife crisis is an earlier version of the dreaded midlife crisis. However, according to, the life expectancy for women in the US is 80 years and the life expectancy for men is 75, therefore the quarter life is really in the early 20s and midlife is around the 40s instead of 50s.

The problem with the terms quarterlife and midlife is the assumption that we are actually going to live the average amount of years. Nobody thinks that they are average! The reality is that there are 10 year olds that have lived 50% of their life already and will die at the age of 20 and there are a few 25 year olds who have only lived 25% of their lives and will die at the ripe age of 100.

Oftentimes we measure the youth of something by the amount of time that has passed since its birth or inception, but I think that that's a false measurement of youth. During the course of my 25 years on Earth, I've seen two of my teenage mentees make their transition to the afterlife before me. Life is not an assembly line where the person who gets on first gets off first. So what is young?

What if youth was measured by the amount of time one had left on this Earth? The more years you have left on Earth, the younger you are. Because we are healthy and energetic now, most 20-somethings assume that they will live to be old, retire, and have all of the time they want to do what they daydream of doing today. But if nobody knows when their time will come, who is really young?

You may have heard the saying, "Time is money". Well it's not! Time is more valuable than any other resource including money because it can't be saved or bought. Most people invest money in hope of a future return, but since tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone, time should be invested to maximize the present moment. They say live every day like it's your last while making creating the world you hope to live forever. In other words, don't wait to retire to live. Go bankrupt everyday, because the unique things about time is that it is the only resource that is replenished every morning (except one) free of charge.


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