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[kay'-ord], n., fr E. chaos and order. 1. any self-organizing, self-governing, adaptive, nonlinear, complex organism, organization, community or system, whether physical, biological or social, the behavior of which harmoniously blends characteristics of both chaos and order. 2. an entity whose behavior exhibits observable patterns and probabilities not governed or explained by the rules that govern or explain its constituent parts.

[kay'-ordic], adj., fr E. chaos and order. 1. the behavior of any self-governing organism, organization or system which harmoniously blends characteristics of order and chaos. 2. patterned in a way dominated by neither chaos or order. 3. characteristic of the fundamental organizing principles of evolution and nature.

Examples of chaordic organizations include VISA, Alcoholics Anonymous, the Internet, Wikipedia, and World Weather Watch. For more information, visit

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  1. lele Says:
  2. i like ur charts. private journals are chaos, huh?


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