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Spiritual Software
I worship my computer
as if it's my god
even though my inner software
is better than Microsoft's
I never turn it off
therefore it's omnipresent
it lights my room in darkness
so it's luminescent

H.P. is my Higher Power
also got an Apple like Eve
I'm caught up in this rat race
and the mouse won't leave
I don't idolize it
but there are a few icons
I've been monitoring through my windows
and keeping my eyes on

I kneel down to my computer
8 hours a day
Muslims pray 5 times
but I will put that to shame
I'm crawling for my domain
on the world wide web
I'm closer to my computer
than this girl I met

I'm a g-mail
if 'g' stands for god
searching for a g-girl
on online dating spots
I pray to it for jobs
even though I'm scared of Monsters
this spiritual plane flies anywhere
from coral reefs to concerts

"Seek ye first the kingdom"
so I typed it into Google
but the search results were empty
I would've at least thought that you knew
instead for my search engine
I search within
no matter how much
it gigahertz to dig

I've made some hard drives forward
but sometimes I just back it up
exploring my mental office
the files aren't stacking up
I give it my ideas
hoping it'll make them live
even if I ram them in
some end up recycled binned

My PC and I've been clicking
but it's not my type
I know my Power Point resides
deep down inside
there is life in my Word
and my Outlook is positive
but in order to Excel
I need change my technology


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