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Distant Love

You've been tapping into
my roll over minutes
but I really want to rollover in my bed
and have you in it
I'm not dependent
but committed
to this vision
as it is written
we may have 9 lives
like a kitten
but with this one
I'm not kidding

The distance in existence
between our body parts
can never overcome
the pistons in our throbbing hearts
we only see each other Christmas
and weekends to sob for Martin
that makes me twice grateful
for the lives of all our martyrs

It wasn't in my plans
that's why I don't understand
4 years in this amazing maze
led us to the same path
2 writers
freedom fighters
creating love
and living righteous
I might fight for freedom
but I know I can't fight this

You conquer me with love
always honor what's above
my Goliath of an ego
submits to your David touch
you touch my mind
you touch my soul
you've been mining
me like gold
our purpose cannot surface
without digging the unknown

I feel like I'm in a zone
twilight, but not alone
balancing our galaxies
as we talk God on the phone
some people fly planes
and think they're really fly
but we're on another plane
the plane of the most high

How could I be 3 hours ahead
and you still catch me?
How could we be across the country
and still wet sheets?
Regardless of the distance
I firmly take this stance
since the Spirit transcends all
we should surely take a chance

Inspired by Sundrop


  1. Selome Araya Says:
  2. this is simply beautiful!

  3. Grasshopper Says:
  4. "...since Spirit transcends all, we should surely take a chance...". That line has suddenly put so many things into perspective for me. Thank you.

  5. lele Says:
  6. i agree with selome...beautiful!


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