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Grocery List Goals

Have you ever gone grocery shopping, spent over $150 on a basket full of stuff with a receipt down to your ankles, got home, unpacked the food, and then looked in the refrigeration and felt like there was absolutely nothing to eat? This is what happens when we don’t go grocery shopping with meals in mind. Instead, many of us go the grocery store with a meaningless list. Though we buy everything on our list, they are mere ingredients and side dishes to the main course. As a result, our stomachs end up growling and unfulfilled.

Many of us live life in a similar fashion. We have to do lists without visions. We browse through the aisles of life and fill our baskets to the brim with canned good experiences that are supposed to satisfy our spirits and fulfill us. Oftentimes, our lists looks exactly like our parents’ list because we’ve bought into their definition of success. It is not until we start to hunger for life ourselves after years of pizza, ramen, and cereal, that we enter the cupboard of our own consciousness and realize that nothing we bought was purely our choice or purchased with a meal in mind. As a result, our spirits are left unfulfilled, growling for a healthy meal that will energize instead of enervate.

When grocery shopping, our main course should guide what we put on our grocery list and ultimately what we choose to buy. In life, our vision should influence our daily, weekly, and long-term goals and ultimately every choice we make. Don't go through life with grocery list goals; Have meals in mind. Begin with the end in mind…or else don’t mind the end.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Hey Jullien,

    I really like this "grocery list vs. meals" analogy for life goals and vision. Keep up the good work.



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