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Manage (Your) Time. Make Money.Whoever said “Time is money” has significantly impacted the consciousness of American and world culture for better or for worse. Unfortunately they were wrong...time is not money. Money is just one way to store value created with time. Yes…you can spend, save, invest, and waste both time and money, but you can’t save time for later like money nor can you buy time with money. The richest person in the world can not buy an additional 100 years of life. When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go (healthcare or no healthcare...Whole Foods or no Whole Foods).

We talk about time and money management without truly knowing what time and money are. How can we manage something we can’t even define? I define money as a mechanism created by us to measure and store our ability to create value. To me, time is a mechanism created by us to measure our ability to condense the space between two events (event #1: where someone/thing is and event #2: where someone/thing wants to be).

In the same way that we pay a premium for airplanes, trains, and cars according to the velocity (distance/time) in which they can condense physical spaces, other people (ie clients) and organizations (ie employers) will pay you for helping them get from point A to point B financially, organizationally, spiritually, mentally, etc. If you are able to powerfully close space between two events (aka your velocity) for yourself, another person, or another entity, you will create value, which you can store for later use as money. Airplanes use the sky. Trains use tracks. And cars use roads. Therefore, in order for us to create and capture the most value we can and get rich (spiritually, financially, etc), we must become aware of where our personal velocity is the highest and stay on that path.

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  2. my personal velocity?... gotta meditate on that one!


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