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75 Reminders To Follow Your Passions

This is a tribute to some of my entrepreneurial friends (mostly) under 30 who are self-employing themselves full-time or part-time with their passions. Thank you for reminding and inspiring me with your bold examples.


Olatunde of Esface

Dania of Fluffy Jo

Tracy of Dangerous Negro Apparel

Andy of Bonobos Pants

Olu of Lambano Shoe Company

Ras of Saxidat
Michael Cox of E3 Clothes


Jidenna the Chief, artist for DarkWater Productions
Daniel Farris
, pianist, drummer, songwriter, & producer for Woodworks Records

Nasambu, singer and songwriter for Streets the the Hill

Honey Larochelle
, singer and songwriter for Honey Larochelle
Felica Khong of Jazmin
Manghoba, Shibanmbo South African Drumming
Shani Kulture
of Planet Ubiquity
Sara Araya aka Cia Moon
, singer, pianist, movie scores
Novena of Baby Stone
, performing artist, song writer, pianist
Clifford Worley of

THE ARTS (Film, Photography, Writing, Etc)

M.K. Asante Jr.
, Director and Producer
Daniel Davila of Momentum Cinema
Nakia of 7/8 Productions

Lesha Patterson Photography

Jody of King Rucks Productions
Babatunde Akinloye
of Tunde Productions
Sallome Hralima of the Re:Construction Period
Alicia Boone of So Live Arts Movement
Alixa & Naima of Climbing Poetree
Arcelie Reyes Photography


Tiffany Wheeler Day Care Services
Sean & Kumi of Mr. Barber Shop


Allah Jesus of
Rob Ryan of Center for Health, life coach

Ruth of Ruth Littlejohn Consulting

Cindy of Less Drama
, life coach
Mareza of


Mandla of New World Education Consulting Group
Chris Balme of the Spark Program
Scott of Transformative Action Institute

Michael Del Ponte of
Katrina Scott George of None But Ourselves
Adam of Learning Enterprises


Dr. Toni Daniels, pain & addiction alleviation

Larissa, dietician and living consultant

Nasambu, massage therapist

Sophia, massage therapist
Julie Brown
, Healing/Nutrition/Detox, & Colon Hydrotherapy


Wil of Wil Ash & Associates Tax Services

Kimberly of New Venture Consulting Group

Rolando Brown of Parallel Movement
Jessica of

Inman of


Keidrick Cole
Gerren Bennett


Carmen of Carmen & Family BBQ Restaurants

Mark of Karibbean City Jamaican Food

Abezero of Vital Ital Calabash

Nader of Online Catering

Jenny Park of Adele's Frozen Custard

Robyn Goldman Ice Cream

Mark Karimi of the Meridian Hooka Lounge


Tom of


Sam Goldman of Dlight Designs
Andre of MDG Tools


Harland Gaston
Will of


Monique of Monique Pean Jewelry

Mia Watson

Kimiko Boyd


Erik of

Nick of NP Games
Adam Tolnay Games


Mia Franco
Juan Session


Billy Parish of the Energy Action Coalition
Simon of


  1. selome araya Says:
  2. love this!!!
    very inspirational...

  3. Sallomazing! Says:
  4. I promise I won't take personal offense to not inspiring you! lol Many of them inspire me to.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. This is truly inspiring, Jullien. It makes me proud to see so many of my fellow generation y'ers making their dreams come true! Let's keep it up, y'all!


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