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Prayer for Addictions

Oh Great Spirit
I pray for all addicts
we all have addictions
we just call 'em bad habits
stuck like we're in traffic
static when we're dynamic
perfecting the front yard
when there's junk in our attics
It's tragic
how that blue magic
flows like acid
It's drastic
like on a new mattress
we doze so quick
It's classic
how we can watch 'em sleep
but know they live
It's plastic
how we can act so weak
with strength to give

So I give thanks to them
who serve as anchors when
our boats capsize in waves
and its sink or swim
Lord God I pray for them
to all the wayward men
who through drowning have gone deeper
I mean, waaaaayyyy within
from the darkness of their clouds
may they spray their gems
en-lightening all our paths
as they rain wisdom
may they share their glorious stories
like we were there with them
for we tend to take God for granted
'til we've been in-prisoned

Ashe. Amen. And So It Is.


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