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Feel Accomplished with Accomp-Lists

I don't know about you, but I love making to do list. I make one every day and I get pleasure out of crossing things out. Sometimes I'll even write things down that weren't even on the list just so I can cross them out. I look at my to do list way too often.

Anyways, even though I hack away at my to do list every day, I still feel unaccomplished sometimes. As I started to contemplate why, I realized that I felt this way because I throw everything I accomplished that day in the garbage after creating my new list for the next day. As a result, I always have this feeling that there is more to do because my to do list always has empty check boxes every morning.

So in January, I decided to change the game and keep my daily to do lists instead of throw them away and below is my accomp-list for January 2008. Download my Personal Planning Chart to track your accomplishments.

January 2008 Accomp-List

My Blog
[x] 18 blog posts
[x] encouraged 5 people to start blogs
[x] redesigned my blog

[x] Mylinia team retreat
[x] Mylinia backend complete
[x] find Mylinia frontend programmer
[x] write a letter to investors

My Book
[x] 12 people did 8 Principles of Purpose
[x] draft a writing proposal to Ode Magazine
[x] design my book cover
[20%] complete my book proposal

My Love
[x] live with my spiritual partner for 30 days
[x] create and lead a new birthday ritual for my spiritual partner
[x] co-create and share in a love ritual with my spiritual partner

My Rituals
[x] host a potluck
[x] pray every morning
[x] talk to my best friend weekly
[x] have lunch with a friend every week
[x] cook every week

My Job
[x] establish the ambassador program
[75%] complete the website
[00%] co-create a company retreat

Other Stuff
[x] support 4 people's dreams through coaching
[x] donate clothes
[x] facilitate 2 presentations to over 200 young people


  1. What a Great List!

    You've got some great ideas here--I like how you've broken them down--I might have to steal some of them.

    BTW--I really enjoyed the email subscription--thanks!

  2. Hey Keith,

    No problem. I'm glad that I could help. These are the core aspects of my life and I make sure to invest my time into them.

    Take care,


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