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Staying Power-Full & In-Charge

For one reason or another, have you ever forgot to charge your cell phone and have it die on you just when you need to make a call? It sucks! It usually happens at the worst times like when you're lost and need directions, you need to make an important call, or you need someone to pick you up. When we were kids (when cell phones were as big as a brick), we used to memorize phone numbers by heart and pay phones were readily accessible, but times have changed.

Just like cell phones, sometimes we forget to charge ourselves on a daily basis. The moment we get weak and lose our signal is the moment we need direction in life, we need to call on the Creator for something important, or we a spiritual brother or sister to lift us up. Because we don't exercise our Spirit regularly the way we exercise our bodies, the scriptures, quotes, songs, and memories that sustain us aren't written on our hearts and spiritual centers (ie churches, mosque, etc) aren't always accessible, so we're stuck.

Therefore, we must always remember to 1. Charge (= plug into our Higher Power) daily so that we can 2. Call (= pray) and 3. Connect (= get a response). If we don't charge daily, we can't call. If we don't call regularly S/he might not answer. And if we don't connect, "please check the number you dialed or try again", because the Creator only answers calls from whoever answers It's calls. If only we were as obsessed with our Power Source as we are with our cell phone's power source, we would be on all the time, ready to dial in and give love when called to and receive love when it rings.

In conclusion:
1. Charge your soul with your cell.
2. Answer when the Creator calls.
3. Check your minutes and use them.

Stay power-full & in-charge!


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