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Answering the Call of a Lifetime

Voice Mail from God:

"What's up Man. It's me…God. I know you hear me calling you. Ay....Yo...I've called you like 3 times. Pick up the phone...How you gonna screen my calls when I'm the one who gave you your first dial-tone in the form of a heart beat. Don’t you know I created cells?

I’m tired of all the excuses. Don’t try to blame it on your battery. I told you to stay power-full and in-charge. And don’t try to tell me that you’ve got to save your minutes. Didn’t I tell you that AT&T meant Appreciate Today & Time. This Lifetime Cell Plan doesn’t have roll-over minutes, so I don’t know what you’re saving for. The only things rolling over are the hands of the clock, one second at a time. On top of that, you and I have the Global Family Plan meaning we have free mobile-to-mobile and global coverage. You can connect with Me whenever and wherever you want to.

Anyway, I don’t know how many more messages I have to send you before you get it but your bill is getting kind of high. Eternal life costs life and you haven’t been making your payments. I don’t know who you’re spending all that time talking to every month without calling me, but I it’s cool…I still have love for you.

I have some Good News to tell you so holler at me. I’m always here.


The In-Sight

There is a calling on our lives. We get three rings in life; the quarter life crisis, the mid-life crisis, and death. If you’ve ever been in financial debt, you know that money costs (more) money. In the same way, life costs life. May we always remember to pay our greatest debt to our Creator first and answer the important calls before it’s too late.

The Call of a Lifetime from jconxus on Comiqs


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